Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I Love Technology

Financial Institutions.  We all need them in one form or another.  Unless of course you bury your money in mason jars in the back yard or in your mattress or in the freezer so you can always have cold, hard cash.  With the onset of the internet we can now do almost all of our transactions and viewing right in the comfort of our home in front of the computer.  I love technology but…..

Last week I was trying to link two accounts from two financial institutions together.  According to the sites this should be an easy process.  For the newly created account at the new foundation I needed to input a user id.  Hmmm.  I guess I just click on create one.  Enter my new account number and….and…I can’t give it me.  What kind of an error message is that.  So I tried to link from the other institution.  Nope.  So I sent off an email to my advisor.  A few days later he said to call the technology help desk.  Well that means bringing the laptop to the porch to use the free wifi since you cannot talk on the phone and use the internet at the same time if you use the hotspot.  AAAHHH!!  In the meantime we got a mail delivery.  Documents to sign for the new account.  And look, my user id and temp. password.  Great.  So I went into the site….nope.  What?????  Ok, the other site.  Nope.  So off we go with the laptop and phone in hand.  Go into the site and waalaa.  I am in.  I just sat there shaking my head.  Bill just smirked and kept on reading his paper.  Gotta love technology.

Well, that done, we went to the Key West Yacht Club for lunch.  I mentioned before that we didn’t get much damage here.  This is one poor boat at the yacht club.

She was there for a few weeks until she got towed off.

Patti and Bill

Friday, October 5, 2012

Still in Key West

OK, so it has been awhile since I have written anything in this blog.  We need to use the hotspot on our phone here so we tried not to use it so much.  Well, we could bring the laptop up to the tackle shop deck and use it there for the free wifi.  The problem with that is I can get side tracked easily.  And it is also a haul to carry this in the large padded bag.  So now since we have few bills since we have move aboard, the biggest is nothing to do with cars (payments, insurance, taxes).   We are throwing caution to the wind and using the hotspot more.  We get 2GS with our plan then it is $20.00 for the next 2 and so on.
This will be a quick catch up on our goings on here in Key West.

We do still do some walking to local places to eat.  When there is absolutely no wind it plays havoc in my lungs but Bill still goes out.  He wanted to go a bit further so he bought a bike.

We have a list of upgrades we need to do for the boat.  We got the portable a/c unit.
We got new canvas including a bimini which we did not have before.  They were very reasonably priced and professional. They were also very convenient, right out of the marina.  Since I changed the color he wanted in our kitchen in the house in Coventry I let him choose the color of the canvas. 

Then of course there were the “fixin” projects like the joker valve for the head.
The summer here at the southernmost point in the US is not for the faint of heart, or at least those with no a/c.  Some establishments do get by with a multitude of giant fans.  Tropical Storm Isaac wasn’t that bad for us here.  There were some boats that didn’t were not tied down correctly so the wind generator got tangled in another boat.  The forecast daily usually calls for a chance of thunderstorms.  Sometimes we get one.  In my opinion in does not rain here in Key West.  It either barely sprinkles or it pours, no inbetween.  Last week Bill spotted this water spout. 

I love the way he caught this one between the foresails on the two boats.

And a few days later we got to see this over the marina.

Patti and Bill