Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy July 4th

So the plan was to catch the early bus to Duval St.  Which we did.  I needed some breakfast even though it was already 10:30.  So we had breakfast Key West style.

Yup, that's ice cream.  A little fuzzy.  I think I needed to clean my lens.  And my camera has been acting up.   Well, we had milkshakes instead of sundaes.  Just as good.  Then we walked over to Mallory Square and went though a few shops. Key West had many businesses in the past.  One was sponges from the sea.  Here I am with the original Sponge Bob,  LOL!

We decided to take the Old Town Trolley tour.  You can hop on and off at the 12 stops at any time.  The tickets are good for two days.  And there are no horse and buggy tours here.  Sigh. But you could hear the driver/guide with no problem.  We got off of the trolley at stop 11 and walked to the Earnest Hemingway Home.  I liked his taste.  Very simple.  This portrait was in his dining room.

Of course he himself had many books.

There were some other bookshelves but since they did not lock the books were moved out.  Other occupants moved in.

Mr. Hemingway loved his six-toed cats.  They can be seen though out the home and grounds to this day.  Kitty prints in the sidewalk around the grounds.

Outside bungalow for them.  There were a few of these.

The grounds we gorgeous with lots of plants.  And yup, more cats.

And a pool.

We then walked around the corner to......yes, an Irish Pub.  It was really too hot to eat so we ordered small.  Then went to The Bull.  It is fun to people watch from the inside.  I would have loved to have taken some pics of them, but I just didn't have the heart.  You must come here and live the experience.

Those red eyes on the bull flash. 

Next we went across the street to The Flying Monkey.  They have about 12 of those twirling Oasis Frozen Drink Machines against the wall.  I had a Dirty Monkey.  Tasted like a chocolate shake.  Bill started with beer then had a Flying Monkey.  He said it was like berries.  I loved this bumper sticker on the wall.  Bill said that one of his past colleagues used to say this.

A storm was moving in so we called a taxi to bring us back.  We were hoping it would blow over before the fireworks.  Well, by 9:00 there was still a lot of thunder and lightening so off to bed.  Then we were woken up by a loud bang.  They were lighting the fireworks anyway.  Even though the storm.  We just stayed in bed.

Hope everyone had a nice Holiday!

Patti and Bill  :-)

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