Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I'm Back.....and in Key West

The last two weeks in St. Augustine were uneventful.  Ventured out to eat, but mostly stayed on Enigma and read or played online games. We did get Enigma and her tender registered in Florida.  Since Connecticut doesn't title its boats we thought we would have a problem with the dingy.  Enigma is documented so no problem there.  The clerks were very helpful and we were titled and registered in no time.  We stopped at the Green Cove Springs Park on the way back.  This is where the spring is.

It flows into the pool.

Then out.

The park is nice to walk through.
On the 16th we met with Capt. Cliff.  We intend to go outside and with my night blindness a third person is better to have.  He has been to Key West before so he knows the good marinas and anchorages to stop in along the way.  We left on Tuesday, the 18th.  The first leg was on the outside.  Seas were high and wind on our nose, so the next day was inside.  Then it was inside the rest of the way.  Sorry, no pics along the way.  The inside is mostly boring.  We did stop at the Riviera Marina in New Palm Beach.  As always we asked for a face dock since we would be leaving early.  This was the boat next to us.

Her SISTA!!  Heehee.

The part of the ICW between Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale was horrible.  29 bridges.  Only 1 fixed and 2 opened on demand.  All of the others were on the hour and 1/2 or quarter after and quarter of.  A power can make each on with no problem.  We made a few but mostly had to wait.  It was very disheartening to be almost there and be close enough and see the bridge close.  One bridge tender saw us and did wait and one knew we were coming and called and waited.  Nice guys.  Bad T-storms in Fort Lauderdale so we stayed the day.  Bill and Capt. Cliff went for more provisions and I did the laundry.
Next day by Miami to the Keys.

We arrived in Key West on June 30th.  Capt. backed into the slip which was no little task since she walks real hard to port in reverse.  We will be here for one month.  The docks are fixed but there is not much of a tide change so on and off is no problem. First on the list was getting something to eat and a nice cold drink.  Since we knew nothing of the area we just asked the taxi driver to bring us to someplace with air conditioning.  That was Turtle Kraals. We stopped at Home Depot on the way back.  Our fans would not  be enough so we bought an a/c unit.

The next morning we bid farewell to Capt. Cliff.

And then to Duval Street, which is where everything is happening. Of course our first lunch was at Margaritaville for a Cheeseburger in Paradise.  Soooo good.  Then we wandered to the Hog's Breath Saloon.  The cab ride was $25.00 each way.  Ouch!
The next day we walked up and took the bus.  $2.00 each.  Much better!!  Walked around and went to Captain Tony's for drinks.  You will recognice the name in Jimmy Buffets song "The Last Mango in Paris".  Here are some pics inside the infamous bar.

I didn't add mine to the collection.  I know I have one on the boat....somewhere.

Patti and Bill :-)

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