Monday, July 9, 2012

West Marine and Hogfish Bar and Grill

Since Duval Street is a bus ride away there are days that we just stay in Enigma.  At this time of year the weather is the same everyday.  About 90 degrees with high humidity and a chance of thunderstorms.  The percentage of these change day to day.  Yesterday was 50% so it was most likely going to rain.  After cleaning up the boat some we decided to take a walk to the Hogfish Bar and Grill.  About half way there is a West Marine and Bill needed to pick up some epoxy.  If you have a boat you know that epoxy is a must have right after duct tape.  It started to sprinkle so instead of walking on I decided to join Bill.  This West Marine had a nice welcoming committee of one.  Charlie Brown.

He was really a little ball of fire and even knew some tricks.  When the person he owned pointed a finger at time and made a bang sound Charlie Brown rolled over and played dead.  Sooo cute.

After our purchase the rain (actually sprinkles) subsided and we were off to Hogfish.  The Bar and Grill is in the Safe Harbor Marina where many of the fishing boats were.  Most of the patrons were fisherman drinking and playing pool and telling tales of the one that got away.  We sat on the other side to watch.  We were in a Tiki Bar.  Once you are in South Florida and lower these are everywhere.  They don't all call themselves "Tiki Bars" but they have the same exposed frames and thatched roofs.

Bear, a regular, came in.  He walks around the bar making sure there is no food left on the floors.  He also asks the patron and workers alike if they are all set and need help finishing their meal.

We were just about to walk back when the rumble of thunder started.  Bill went out to look and said we could leave in about an hour.  Ok bartender, pour us another round of beer.   The thunder seemed to be in the building it self with a low rumble and loud crack.  I have notice that here it does not rain.  Nope, it sprinkle then pours.  Back home in Connecticut it could rain all day.  A nice steady rain.  Not here, it sprinkles and pours. As Bill says "You are in the tropics now".

And it poured, and poured and poured.  After about an hour we walked back to Enigma.  The streets were very flooded.  No drains or catch basins here.  On the boat we played a few games of dominoes which we haven't done in ages.  It is supposed to do the same tomorrow.

Patti and Bill  :-)

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